It is glad to report everybady that we light on 17" Cell today by using machine tuning lot.
We achieve key milestone  by some Employee's and Vendors good effort.
But i think this just begining for IBL,
so we must to do the best process turning to accomplish heighten yield.
Maybe we have many more problem issue on this installation schedule...
But anyway this is China third TFT G5-line setup, 
and the first time for every Taiwanese and Japanese to running in China.
If we can do here,that must make a strike in TFT-LCD marketing..

Now...i think you want to ask me "Why you type English?"
Because i don't want so much person can read it..
On this Chian working schedule,i am very tired and out of sorts ..
Because many more conflict and fightting in this company.
racial issue..language and benefits much
It's let me bring leave ideas many times.
Somebady says that was society learning ,were let you grow up.....i hope so..

The Boss say we finish the milestone,
But i think that not finish!! It's begining!! 
If we can't cowork smooth going in the future.we will fail..
+oil everybady.anyway I very hope we can obtain maturity here. Thanks!!


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